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When you think of cactus, what picture comes to mind? Many people think of the American Southwest. But at Peters Flowers, our Cactus selection includes not only Southwestern style cacti but also other succulents and specialty plants -- all of which make beautiful gifts and interesting office plants that are easy to care for. For that Southwestern look, we offer Cactus Gardens with an assortment of small cacti cleverly arranged in a miniature desert landscape. You can also choose the Golden Barrel cactus -- a round, prickly cactus that looks beautiful and comes in your choice of two pot sizes. And there's also the Kalancho, which is a beautiful succulent whose two-toned leaves make it a conversation piece wherever it is placed. (Kalancho is somewhat rare, so call to find out if we currently have it in stock.) For a slightly more Asian feel, we offer two types of Good Luck Jade Plants. The jade plant is a succulent and also a member of the cactus family, but without the prickles -- and they are said to bring good luck. Any of our cactus plants can make great gifts for the home or office. Call us or order online today to give the gift of beautiful cacti.

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